Better Views, Less Heat, Fade and Glare

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More Comfort, Lower Cooling Costs

Commercial Service

Lower Solar Heat Gain = Lower Operating Costs

Office Appearance Projects

Enhances Exterior Appearance and Privacy

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Welcome to Cool Coat Window Tinting

State of The Art Window Tinting & Glass Coatings Since 1975


Unmatched True-Value with the Highest Return on Investment for Our Customers.careers

We Pride Ourselves on Delivering . . .

  • Certified Master Craftsman
  • Better Selection with Multiple Brands
  • Prompt Friendly Customer Service
  • Superior Product Knowledge
  • Most Competitive Pricing
  • Best Warranty Service


With several brands to select from, you’ll never have to rely on just one brand!

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  • Lifetime Home Warranty
  • Ten Year Business Warranty

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To Provide True “Investment Value” 

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  1. Reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat
  2. Cut up to 80% of annoying glare
  3. Eliminate 99% of damaging UV rays
  4. Prevent fade of home furnishings
  5. Reduce monthly cooling costs
  6. Increase daytime privacy
  7. Enhance exterior appearance
  8. Improve view with a rich, natural
  9. Open views without closing blinds
  10. Add strength & shatter resistance
  11. Increase overall comfort   . . . Priceless
  12. 100%+ Return on Investment 3-6 years

When You Add It All Up, That’s a Pretty Cool Investment!


Cool Coat Window Tinting is one of Florida’s most respected contractors in the industry.

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“We’ve earned a reputation for quality materials, professional results and true customer satisfaction.

Frank Arena, President


We Respect Our Customers Time

  • We promptly respond to phone calls
  • We confirm your appointment
  • We carefully protect all work areas
  • We help make informed decisions

Commercial & Residential Window Tint

Window Tinting is One of The Best Investments You’ll Ever Make


Residential Tinting

  • Enhances Appearance
  • Reduces Heat
  • Adds Comfort
  • Gives you Privacy
  • Instantly Lowers your Cooling Costs​​

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Commercial Tinting

  • Reduces Fade on Furniture, Carpet & Other Surfaces
  • Enhances Visibility through Glare Reduction
  • Safety through Shatter Resistance & Instant Privacy
  • Increased Overall Value

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Global Projects

Actual Case Studies Covering a Broad Range of Commercial and Projects Installed by Independently Owned Companies

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Steve and Julie Scott, owners of Discount Picture Framing in Lawrenceville, Georgia, were faced with a common summertime problem – excessive heat…

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The 501 School District in Topeka, Kansas found itself with a challenge where it was necessary to consider two unique perspectives. The school campus has two greenhouses…

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With summer temperatures peaking at over 115°, the faculty at Henderson Learning Center in Henderson, NV was faced with a common problem – excessive heat and glare…

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Top Quality Window Film Brands We Use

Names you can trust from billion dollar global U.S. companies.