Cool Coat Window Tinting knows that solar window tinting and safety film products can be a challenging subject.
Be assured, we will be there to help you make the best decision based on your individual needs.

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Many estimates can be completed by telephone in just one call. We can also have a Window Film Specialist estimate your project and review the best film samples with you in less than 1-2 business days.                       Our Service Areas Include:

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  1. The height” x width” of your windows                                             (each glass pane, not including frame).
  2. How many of each size. (Round to next closest inch)
  3. Example: 2 – 33″ x 29″
  4. Estimate assumes there is no film to remove and windows are under 10 feet at it’s highest point. Small French panes are additional.


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Free Window Film Trial Installation

Ask Us About Our Free Trial Installation!  This lets you try one or more window films on your home or business window tinting before you decide with no obligation! 100 sf min job size to qualify.

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